Letter: Karl Butler, October 7, 2014

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I have recently received a parking ticket at King’s Lynn train station.

I am writing to you because while I was compiling the photos for my appeal on two separate occasions there were cars parked in the same spot as I was and both had a ticket on.

I had paid for a ticket and parked in what I thought and still believe to be a legitimate parking spot. I later returned to find a ticket attached to my car for parking in a designated staff parking area only.

I am sure there are countless victims of this in the local area and the company in question should not be allowed to continue to issue tickets of this nature.

Currently I have had no reply following my appeal which was submitted nearly a month ago now which leads me to believe they will not be following up the ticket.

I would tell all who have a received a ticket in this fashion to appeal in a similar nature.

Karl Butler,