Letter: Thomas Eggett, November 4, 2014

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Thanks to Lynn Wilkes (Letter, October 24), I avoided the traffic gridlock at the Hardwick retail park, when I went to Argos last Saturday at 4pm. I saw the traffic queued from Argos up to the Range exit/entrance T junction at a standstill, so I parked at Tesco and walked back.

I thought at the time “this is October – what is it going to be like in December”.

The problem is the T-junction near the Range. Prior to the road system for the new Tesco store, this junction was never a problem as the only traffic you had to give way to were the occasional Tesco lorries delivering goods.

Those exiting right have to check the continuous two-way traffic in and out of the store. This exit is totally inadequate, with traffic from both the Range and retail park stores opposite exiting together into one lane at peak periods.

A further exit is urgently needed. There are two entrances for the Hardwick, one at the Argos end and one at the Range end, but only the one exit for both with gridlock guaranteed at busy periods.

Would it help as a temporary measure if all traffic waiting to exit the T-junction had to turn left only, with no right turn?

I would have thought a representatives from the retail units affected would be asking for an urgent meeting with the body responsible for the road system to find a solution.

After all, the last thing the store managers want is a drop in their Christmas sales!

November is almost here, traffic is going to increase in the run up to Christmas, if there is no short-term solution some Christmas shoppers will avoid the Hardwick retail outlets, owing to the inevitable traffic delay there at weekends.

Unfortunately for some families this is the only time they can do their shopping if they work all week. Didn’t those responsible for planning the new road system for the retail park foresee the inevitable problem at this junction.

Thomas Eggett,

Alexandra Way, Downham Market