Letters: Amelia Deacon, August 2, 2016

Landmark images in Gaywood - Clock by Bishop's Terrace. ENGANL00120121128144233
Landmark images in Gaywood - Clock by Bishop's Terrace. ENGANL00120121128144233
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This morning I took a bus into town from Lynn Road in Dersingham. Approaching the turn-off to West Newton, a car with attached trailer, obviously in a hurry, decided not to wait for the bus to pass but cut across in front of the bus causing the bus driver to slam on his brakes.

Coming back from town via Gaywood, approaching the lights just over Dodmans Bridge ( the lights being in our favour) another car decided to cut in front of us to go into North Lynn, another slamming on of brakes to avoid him .

These are not isolated incidences but about the fourth and fifth to happen in the last four weeks . Are these drivers aware of the risk they are taking to themselves and the danger they are putting passengers in who travel in these buses ( without seat belts ) passengers of all ages, including babies in buggies and disabled in wheelchairs. Are they so thoughtless and uncaring that they will risk a serious accident for a few more seconds wait to make a safe manoeuvre.

Having had a chat to one of the bus drivers he said it is a common occurrence especially on Railway Road (that speed track in centre of town). The buses are regularly cut up so cars can get in front and speed off to wherever .

These drivers know who they are and must be aware of the danger they are putting themselves and others in. Please please be a little more patient, better to arrive safe than having your name and others in the obituary columns .

Amelia Deacon

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