Letters: Amelia Deacon, May 31, 2016

Stagecoach buses at Wisbech Horsefair ANL-160418-111034009
Stagecoach buses at Wisbech Horsefair ANL-160418-111034009
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Through your newspaper may I ask Stagecoach and/or the council why the bus stand timetables at the Feathers in Dersingham and onward have not been changed in the eight-plus weeks since the new timetable was set in place from March 28?

We are coming up to a busy time for holiday visitors both in the cottages and caravan sites who have no idea when buses are running and have to trust the timetable posted – which is 16 minutes adrift.

I have made numerous requests since the end of March via personnel both in Lynn and Cambridge to have new timetables put in place and they have assured me on a regular basis that matter will be sorted. One is still waiting for this miracle to occur .

I used the No 11 this am and found that the ticket machine wasn’t working, same on the return journey, which means no passengers were registered. So much for use it and lose it if such things keep happening.

I feel very strongly that if Stagecoach don’t like running the 11 bus, then they should let some other company take it over or maybe they just would like to run the service to and from Sandringham and those living en route to Dersingham will have 10 or 15 minutes to the nearest bus stop in order to get into town or Hunstanton. It is all a mystery .

Amelia Deacon

by email