Letters: David Fleming, April 5, 2016

Train leaving King's Lynn Railway Station ANL-160316-152650009
Train leaving King's Lynn Railway Station ANL-160316-152650009
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The upgrading of West Norfolk’s rail links to Cambridge and London from King’s Lynn continues to be a long-running saga with the latest expenditure quoted as being £100 million ( Lynn News, March 22 ).

Some of the arguments for improvements are compelling, though not necessarily persuasive, as articulated by Sir Henry Bellingham MP. Three of the tenets surrounding the debate focus inevitably in areas such as increases in population, volume of commuting passengers and populations. In short, a rapidly changing infrastructure necessitates these matters to be addressed, but there is one area of society which hitherto has not featured in the deliberations, namely the disabled.

It is incumbent upon me to single out the culpability of Great Northern Trains for its failure to accommodate any seating arrangements for this group of people whilst on board, unlike other rail companies, and I can speak from past personal experiences.

An example of this is at King’s Cross and Cambridge stations where boarding a train is like a rugby scrum at Twickenham during most times of the day. With my immobility and inability to stand, I have to rely on the goodwill of other passengers for a seat. Very frustratingly I have ceased travelling on this route.

Substantial millions of pounds out of the government’s overseas aid budget goes to China, one of the world’s biggest economies. How about some of this money being redirected to fund all interests in the line between London and King’s Lynn. By way of a change, very few of the electorate would complain. It’s common sense, but common sense ain’t common at Westminster.

It would be nice if the disabled could be guaranteed a seat on Great Northern Trains without having to do a Wilson Pickett and Wait til the Midnight Hour.

David Fleming. Downham Market