Letters: David Fleming, May 31, 2016

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EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
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The Lynn News (May 20) reported that your newspaper is teaming up with the churches in Heacham for a EU referendum debate.

Consequently I would like to put a Christian dimension into these columns.

As one who worships in West Norfolk frequently, I have seen a discernable pro euro leaning amongst many of my brethern. This mainly emanates from a Christian doctrine connecting with the PC dogma of inclusiveness, equality, diversity, benefits, major demographic changes to the detriment of host nations , and embracing other cultures. These are false teachings warned about in Matthew’s gospel and have no correlation with scriptural instruction.

Firstly, the Bible’s definition of equality is that we are all sinners, no exceptions. Secondly, the Bible advocates membership of the Body of Christ as inclusiveness, not vassal compliance with a fiscal and political union. In the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy it is emphatically instructional, and I quote verbatim: “Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark.” The same book clearly states that God has set the boundaries of people. When Moses was passing through the lands of the Edomites and the Amorites with the Israelites en route to the promised land, he sought the permission of both Kings, conditional on staying on the main highway, and offered payment in return. In those days there were proper border controls and no acommodation of EU-style welfare payments for opportunists. In the New Testament, Paul told the Thessalonians: “If any would not work, neither should he eat.” Dependency culture as an opt-out career is contrary to Christianity.

These Biblical rules are in conflict with EU edicts which are making proper border controls, welfare restrictions and prudent fiscal management impossible, some of a variety of reasons why Christians should vote Brexit.

There is nothing racist nor unchristian about leaving the EU on grounds of national loyalty, provided outsiders are not persecuted.

David Fleming

Paradise Court, Downham