Letters: David Newman, March 6, 2015

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Like many others at the last general election, immigration was my main concern. I could forsee huge problems with the NHS due to the population increases.

Only the Conservatives seemed to have the answer, although they failed to deliver their promises.

It would appear now that political parties have similar objectives in keeping immigration to a reasonable level. So voters like me with no particular leanings to left or right will be considering other priorities.

My concern is for the welfare of farm animals, and I am looking for a local candidate committed to banning the export of live animals for slaughter. There have been prosecutions in Suffolk for the brutality shown to animals in abattoirs where halal and kosher meat is prepared for sale to Muslim and Jewish customers. I suspect that due to cost cutting by local authorities there is little or no control over this, and many restaurant owners may not be overly concerned if the meat they purchase has been from humanely-killed animals

I cannot imagine Henry Bellingham or Jo Rust taking up this campaign for fear of upsetting influential supporters, but I would remind reluctant candidates that this is Great Britain and our values do not support unnecessary suffering for religious or any other reason

David Newman,