Letters: Desmond Waite, July 7, 2015

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Having been involved in the Nar Ouse Regeneration community and consultation group on behalf of the Bridge Street Residents’ Group for 10 years discussing the Borough Council Marina and NORA aspirations, the proposed access from the south to the marina (now abandoned) was envisaged via Saddlebow Road, but with a continuous road through to Millfleet via Bridge Street.

I argued that Bridge Street could not cope with that and finding a way through became contentiously difficult. It seemed that a secondary route via London Road might become the preferred option for marina users, trailers and transportation of boats it services and closer access to town. However, London Road was at and beyond its pollution limits and at peaks, congested. Eventually a bus-only route was to be continued on to Millfleet after the marina access and through development land.

I argued for provision for bus stops during consultations and at the planning committee debate, but that was resisted by County Highways and bus operators running long distance fast bus services. Thirteen buses per hour were expected and planning consent thus obtained by the borough council for the road subject only to mandatory Highway control. The route has become popular, it seems, for many more buses now, servicing rural districts passing through South Lynn – Harding’s Pits, with its village green status for public open space, The Friars and from nearby communities, slowing down at Boal Quay car park, but seemingly not stopping for park and ride or local resident passengers. How unreasonable is that?

Furthermore, in spite of constant representations to Highways and the borough council, there is pedestrian danger with pedestrians (families with pushchairs and disabled people) crossing an ever increasingly busy Millfleet to South Quay, worsened by Saturday Market Place environmental and highway “improvements”.

Bridge Street also exudes major danger risks as the increasingly busy designated pedestrian route from South Lynn and The Friars with Hillington Square residents and traffic all trying to join the crossings.

A pedestrian refuge is needed and an appropriate joint crossing with Belisha Beacon control would seem to be an urgent necessity before someone is seriously hurt.

Desmond Waite

Bridge Street, Lynn