Letters: Edward Wheatley, November 10, 2015

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-150921-132059001
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People who don’t like seagulls shouldn’t live at the seaside.

Gulls are in fact beautiful and graceful creatures. If they are aggressive (a matter of opinion) then it is because we have ruined their habitat by building seaside towns like Hunstanton and daily steal their natural food. Rather than lift their legal protection, I would rather you wrote to our MP to lift the protection on some of our hard-hearted fellow humans who are against feeding birds at all.

Desperate to find a good reason to support their antipathy they trot out the old “well it encourages rats” argument hoping to conjure up innate fears of the black death.

Like many such arguments it is completely fallacious – wrong variety of rat! Meanwhile may I repeat my suggestion of establishing a designated bird feeding area away from the centre – say up in the cliff car park by the lighthouse.

Edward Wheatley