Letters: Giles Young, October 24, 2014

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I attach a photo of a package returned to me by Royal Mail for want of 2p! The package contained an autobiography by the late Gladys Grevatt, née Addison, born in Lynn in 1916 that I was donating, by arrangement, to the local history section of King’s Lynn Library. Gladys describes in colourful detail her childhood and teenage years in Lynn. She refers to her uncle (my great uncle) Wiiliam Panton, Mayor of Lynn in 1950 and who represented the town at the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Imagine my surprise when the package was returned bearing a yellow label ‘Unpaid deficient postage 2p’. The Royal Mail added a handling fee of £1 which presumably explains why the library could not accept the package. I had weighed the package and added the postage advised by the Royal Mail website.

Can you beat this petty meanness by the Royal Mail? No wonder they are struggling for business and that their share price is tumbling. William Panton and my father Alfred Youngs (born in Loke Road 1911) must be turning in their graves!

Giles Young

Bury St Edmunds