Letters: Graham Smith, September 1, 2015

King's Lynn Buses New livery ANL-150826-190902009
King's Lynn Buses New livery ANL-150826-190902009
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I was interested to read R Hurn’s letter (August 21) about unreliable bus services.

I’m sure that it refers to Stagecoach buses which have taken over the excellent former Norfolk Green services. I, too, have noticed irregularities and late running on my local route since the Stagecoach takeover.

I feel sorry for Ben Colson, the former owner of Norfolk Green who must be saddened to see so many negative comments appearing about his once award-winning bus services. Stagecoach really have got it wrong by discontinuing the Norfolk Green brand and replacing it with the rather bland nationwide Stagecoach livery.

They call themselves Stagecoach in Norfolk but I can see no mention of the word Norfolk on any of the repainted or new buses. Local people like local identity and this is why newcomer Lynx bus seems to be doing so well, and although they don’t mention Norfolk, the buses are an eye catching red livery and their websites tells us they are run by local people. You only have to see the numbers of passengers on their buses to see their success, while Stagecoach passenger numbers heading for Hunstanton etc appear to be declining, though I’m sure they would deny this.

It appears that Lynx bus will be starting a new service between Hunstanton, Wells, and Cromer in October, once again in competition with Stagecoach, I await the outcome with interest.

Graham Smith