Letters: Iain Christie, March 24, 2015

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I thoroughly enjoy reading the various opinions and arguments sent to your diverse Viewpoint section, letters page. Please keep up the diversity of subjects, spread between local and national issues.

I was surprised by Mr Yaxley’s assertions (Letters, March 17) that Nigel Farage’s lifting of a pint has “nothing to do with politics”, and that “this is virtually the only thing for which he is heckled”. I believe that Mr Farage’s waving of a pint is overtly political, as he feels that such a simple gesture is all that is required to elicit votes from working people. I have more confidence in the intelligence of working people than Farage appears to have, and he is actually heckled for changing both his policies and his personnel on an almost weekly basis.

I do not disparage Mr Yaxley’s opinion, but I do believe that it would be a grave mistake to “give him the chance” that he suggests.

Iain Christie,

Silver Drive, Dersingham