Letters: Jeffrey Reed, January 20, 2015

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Rather belatedly I am responding to your Letters Page of November 18.

I understand the comment by John Vincent, complaining that I broached subject of the incinerator again.

I studied the project in considerable depth from the outset, and I remain utterly convinced that Energy From Waste is the way forward in the local and national interest.

Urged on by KLWIN, and Michael de Whalley, West Norfolk Council doggedly opposed the scheme, instead entering into a ridiculous contract with Material Waste which has vanished into the ether.

The poll was flawed, and orchestrated by misinformation and hysteria.

In an ideal world no one wants industrial plant anywhere near them, but the common good has to prevail, and the Willows is already an industrial site.

My over-riding concern, and that of a large body of local people, is that the borough action, and the massive sum of money wasted, will mean increased rates and loss of services for some years to come.

We all know that this misguided opposition has also saddled ratepayers across Norfolk with a bill for around £33 million, which affects every single

person in the county.

I am encouraged by Kevin Loveday’s letter. He is correct in thinking that, as a businessman and as a councillor, I consider the needs of ratepayers and townspeople first.

Some business owners have opted to sell their sites for housing development, that means for the benefit of their own pocket. I have no intention of following suit.

I am concerned about the possible large campus on a 70-acre site at Bexwell.

The facility and jobs could benefit the area, but not if it will involve more housing.

The LDF master plan has appeared far too late, as Downham has been swamped with intensive housing already, with no master plan at all.

We need to unite to fight any further development, apart from perhaps a few individual properties.

We simply do not have the infrastructure to support further population growth, nor more housing.

If Mr Loveday and those who agree with him, and I think that will be the majority of Downham residents, get in touch with me, I will do everything I can to help save what is left of our environment and our once beautiful town.

Jeffrey Reed,

Denver Hill, Downham