Letters: Jenny Perryman, February 24, 2015

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I was particularly surprised to read Henry Bellingham’s letter (Lynn News January 30) citing Cory Wheelabrator’s withdrawal of their planning application as a ‘‘superb new year present for West Norfolk”, when only five days earlier he had voted with the Government against the temporary ban on fracking – despite knowing his constituency is on top of a seam of gas, which has already been earmarked for drilling.

David Cameron has stated that his Conservative government is “going all out” for shale gas. The debate went on so long that MPs weren’t even given the chance to vote on changes to trespass laws, meaning changes will happen, and fracking companies will be able to drill under our homes without our permission.

This is profoundly undemocratic. It’s another finger up at localism, another example of the Government having no interest in protecting the rights of citizens, their health, or their environment, and continues the mockery of the being greenest government ever.

The cross party Environmental Audit Committee called for shale fracking to be put on hold in the UK because it is incompatible with our climate change targets, the long-term impacts are not yet understood, and could pose significant localised environmental risks to water supplies, air quality and public health, but David Cameron, Henry Bellingham and the rest of Norfolk’s MPs have totally ignored the EAC. The government says fracking is safe for people and the environment, yet their own report into fracking impacts is full of redactions!

Fracking is a giant gamble, just as we saw with waste incinerators it has been cooked up by a dying industry, and being adopted by short-sighted governments hoping for a quick fix to the energy crisis.

Worse still for West Norfolk, fracking companies need permission from local councils to start drilling and we will be back to Norfolk County Council to put the nail firmly back in West Norfolk’s coffin.

We simply can’t afford to let any government put public health on the line with this dangerous scheme when successive governments and councils are constantly putting profit before people.

This fracking issue has been the final straw for me and it ends my 35 years loyalty as a Conservative voter.

Jenny Perryman,

King’s Lynn