Letters: Jeremy Dearling, August 2, 2016

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jpns-28-05-16-008 sat int PPP-160527-101959001

I confess to having been cheered by the letter from Melvyn Cox. It is a delight to have one’s efforts appreciated, and feel I have a duty and responsibility to help Melvyn out with his dilemma in understanding the intricacies of democracy that are eluding him. Marvin erroneously conflates into one the EU, the House of Lords and the monarchy.

To those not blessed with an eye for detail, the distinction between the three is stunningly glaring, but, we can’t all be similarly gifted. I, for example, could no more taste the difference between a swift and a starling, than know how long to boil the egg of a stormy petrel.

Let me begin by helping Mervin over the House of Lords. The Upper Chamber. The “Other Place”. The House of Lords is a refining chamber. It takes legislation proposed by the government, thrashes it around bit, then sends it back with comments. The House of Lords doesn’t initiate rules, laws, regulations or policy. The House of Commons is able, Melvin, to ignore the House of Lords’ recommendations altogether. The House of Lords is a wagging finger which says, “beware”, even if it wanted to go to war.

Now we turn to the monarchy. An historic, popular, and much loved institution, currently occupied by a queen. Each year, Marlon, your queen brings millions to the Exchequer, so I know, Martin, neither of us can compete with that achievement which in itself deserves our respect. Our queen, Martyn, is a “figurehead”. A national icon. A head of state. She doesn’t initiate rules, laws, regulations or policy. She can’t lobby on behalf of herself, or anything, or anyone. She can’t make her representatives in Parliament do anything, nor would she wish to.

Finally, Morten, we arrive at the EU. What does the EU have in common with the House of Lords and the monarchy? All are unelected. That’s it. Nothing more. Zilch. Zero. What does the EU do that the House of Lords and the monarchy can’t do?

It initiates rules, laws, regulations or policy. It prevents us from passing rules, laws, regulations and policies which it doesn’t like. It stops us deporting criminals and terrorists. It dictates much of the red tape that holds back growth, investment and employment. It stifles Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

We have had enough. We have democratically made a decision for which lighting a firework is an appropriate response.

Jeremy Dearling, via email