Letters: JL Parkes, June 7, 2016

Snettisham playing field Memorial Pavilion ENGANL00120111018145930

Snettisham playing field Memorial Pavilion ENGANL00120111018145930

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The Trustees of Snettisham Playing Field charity, would just like to point out to the nasty person/persons who stole around 30 fencing hooks with lamp posts and 60 metres of red rope from the above playing field between Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4, that the field is kept in its pristine condition by the hard work of the Trustees through fundraising.

We do not receive any monies from outside bodies, therefore, to replace these stolen stakes and rope will cost us in the region of £130. The stakes were placed on the field to protect the football pitch which has seen vast renovation work, to enable football to continue on the field. These stakes are painted blue, the same colour as our boundary fencing so if anybody spots them, we would be interested to know, so as to enable us to inform the police.

Mrs J L Parkes, Treasurer, Snettisham Playing Field Charity