Letters: Jo Rust, October 31, 2014

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On Wednesday, October 22, I spent the night sleeping rough in King’s Lynn.

I did it, with others, to help raise awareness of teenagers who are forced to do the same.

My experience was a one-off and I knew I could call it quits and go back home to my nice warm bed at any time (I didn’t though).

Sadly, for many young people, this is just not an option. Although the official statistics for our area claim that there are just three homeless people, these stats are not accurate and indeed, we had one young person join us for part of the night.

I say part, because he had to be taken to hospital after suffering a seizure.

Imagine what might have happened had he not been in the company of the group?

I dread to think.

I cried as one young man told us of how he, as a 14-year-old, only felt secure when he was encamped in deep undergrowth and I wept again when he made sure us older ones, who were just out for the night, were OK.

The Discovery Centre, the Benjamin Foundation and Genesis Housing Association work incredibly hard to support young people who are in need. I was cold and uncomfortable for one night, too many young people experience the same for years.

Jo Rust,

Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate NW Norfolk