Letters: Kevin Holland, january 13, 2015

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I read with somewhat amusement Toby Coke’s letter (Lynn News, January 6) regarding the councillors elected to represent people of King’s Lynn under one party then deserting them in the hope of re-election in May under the UKIP flag.

I also note he mentions Marcus Hopkins. Mr Hopkins was elected as an Independent by the people of Wiggenhall. His election came as no surprise as the country was gripped in the expenses scandal and after our previous ‘non-councillor’ I think anyone NOT a Tory or Labour member would have got in, other than Ashley Collins, UKIP’s current man in the field in Watlington who failed to get elected as a “Labour man through and through” (his words to me when seeking election) in Wiggenhall in 2010

So, with David Cameron, the Prime Minister telling the electorate that if they vote Purple they get Red and here in West Norfolk if you vote Blue you get Purple and closer to home, you vote Grey and get Blue! Is it any wonder the electorate are losing all faith in the traditional political system, the manner in which elected positions are treated and not only the party system, but also those who claim to represent those parties! Mr Hopkins’s defection, without speaking to his electorate first, is one of the reasons I will standing against him and for the people of Wiggenhall in May this year.

At least when you vote Green you know you will get Green.

Kevin Holland,

Green Party