Letters: Malcolm Cox, March 24, 2015

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Another interesting collection of views (Lynn News March 17) a couple of which I am bound to reply to. Martin Yaxley’s pro-UKIP response is like his previous effort, a fine example of obfuscation. UKIP supporters do this so well.

Having said that I am not a gratuitous UKIP baiter, their policy on HS2 is worthy.

Not sure if he completely misconstrued much of my earlier letter on UKIP. I made no comment on Mr Farage’s fondness for a pint. I am fond of a drop of decent ale myself.

What I did criticise was his obsession with reversing anti-smoking legislation. Tobacco is unique in that it is the only legally available product which is declared harmful if used as directed. I repeat, what sort of serious politician would see this as a priority?

And of course Mr Yaxley again throws in the usual “BBC bias.” How tiresome that is.

I could write further on this but something else caught my forensic eye.

A letter from Richard English on NHS recruitment of foreign nurses has the bye-line “PM Shallowness is breathtaking.” Richard English will be baffled.

I am sure that ghosts got into the editorial machine. Confusing and amusing.

No doubt the editor can clarify (apologies to Mr English for the incorrect headline – Ed).

Finally a third letter which caught my attention. Michael Warden of Tilney St Lawrence mentions the “King’s Lynn Mosque”.

I see no minarets so where is this Michael?

Malcolm Cox,

Cobbs Hill, Terrington St Clement