Letters: Malcolm Cox, May 31, 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron at the Peterborough Conservative Club EMN-160605-151120009
Prime Minister David Cameron at the Peterborough Conservative Club EMN-160605-151120009

The weekly correspondence on the EU referendum unsurprisingly produces a steady stream of misleading information, matched perfectly by the increasingly extreme antics of leading political figures.

I view our present Prime Minister and his close associates as slippery as any politicians can be. The view however that barmy Boris and his acolytes are founts of wisdom and truth are blinded by an atavistic dislike of all things foreign. Johnson’s recent interview on Radio 4 (May 18) with John Humphrys was a masterclass of obfuscation. Despite all attempts to pin down Johnson on specifics, Humphrys eventually abandoned the interview with a final snide remark from Johnson. Personal ambitions always call the shots on such issues, and Humphrys had the nerve to raise this, so obviously deserved such discourtesy.

There are undoubtedly honest brokers on both sides of the debate, there are genuine fears which are now being ruthlessly manipulated, right and left opinions are found within both camps. Surely, however, the oddest alliance is that of George Galloway and Nigel Farage. I would have thought that most reasonable observers would view such a pairing with suspicion, even if I do have a sneaking “respect” for Mr Galloway.

Your reader David Fleming correctly quotes a former French president on manipulation of the Irish referendum in 2009. Likewise I correctly quote Nigel Farage, “I admire President Putin.” It is no secret that Putin’s annexation of Crimea was a punishment for Ukraine’s interest in EU membership.

Your reader Don Bristo rightly castigates David Cameron’s view that the very existence of the EU has ensured peace in Europe. Johnson’s analogy of the EU with Hitler’s pan European empire was equally idiotic.

David Fleming writes that the referendum is “not just about Brexit v Interreg, but about truth v lies.” Quite so. As we saw very recently with the PCC rebuking the Sun over its “Queen wants Brexit” headline.

Every day we hear Brexiters moan about treasury forecasts which only six months ago they hailed as Osborne’s genius. And then Martin Yaxley chips in (May 20) with that old chestnut: “As 65 per cent of all our laws are made by those unelected, unaccountable, unstoppable bureaucrats…” Quite so, Martin, so presumably like me you are in favour of abolishing the House of Lords?

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement