Letters: Malcom Cox, March 28, 2016

Guest arriving for church service at Sandringham ANL-160124-143022009
Guest arriving for church service at Sandringham ANL-160124-143022009
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What a breath of fresh air is Sarah Juggins.

Her article of March 8 had us chuckling. So nice to know that our views on the tabloid press are shared. This set me in search of another article from Sarah in January which coincided with a sad report from Jeremy Dearling on Harding’s Pits. The issue is the perennial problem, the anti-social morons who deface our ‘Sceptered Isle’ by scattering litter with no thought of how offensive this is to their fellow citizens. We know, alas, that all attempts to educate have failed. And, of course, with ‘austerity budgets’ local authorities cannot squander tax payers’ money on regular clean-ups.

I do suspect, however, that around about Christmas time the Sandringham area gets special attention.

But then I read in that same edition (26th January) ‘Volunteers urged to clean for the Queen’. Modest grants are being offered to assist with a ‘nationwide clean for the Queen’ to celebrate the monarch’s milestone birthday. We are informed that ‘West Norfolk Council is holding a 1920s themed event’ to mark the event.

Setting aside my republican tendencies, I am sure that if her Majesty saw the reality of everyday life for her subjects she might want any spare cash spent more wisely for the benefit of those subjects. ‘Clean for the Community’ seems a much more se sensible slogan.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement