Letters: Miranda Waters, July 7, 2015

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After being singled out as the one in the neighbourhood to receive verbal abuse and the threats to trap in a cage and shoot pet cats from neighbours complaining about faeces in their garden, I feel it is my responsibility to raise the issue of tolerance, understanding and peace in the space that we live in, if not community spirit!

In this rural area where there are many gun owners I think this article is relevant to protect our much-loved pets from those who might view them as ‘pests’.

Humane deterrents for cats are: Shoo the cat away by clapping hands or use a low-powered water pistol, being aware not to scare cat on to road; cultivate shrubs closely and/or use plants cats do not like such as coleus canina, but not poisonous varieties; consider using pebbles/shingle in the long term or in the short term, crushed egg shells or holly leaves to break the habit of use; lion dung infused pellets or chicken manure pellets; automatic garden spray, triggered by infra red detector which locates movement.

Also, regarding venting anger on neighbours, as well as being nasty and inappropriate in itself, they might already be experiencing ill health, or have other stresses to deal with without the added worry of being “attacked” at their own home, which is meant to be a safe retreat.

I hope this might help to prevent these threats being carried out and give pet owners peace of mind.

Miranda Waters

Church Close, Grimston