Letters: Name and address supplied, April 26, 2016

Supermarket shopping. EMN-150807-143547001
Supermarket shopping. EMN-150807-143547001
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Recently I have visited some of the European food stores around Lynn and have been dismayed to notice that areas like the meat and deli counters have all the handwritten labelling written in a foreign language with no English translation whatsoever.

I can’t help feeling that it’s not for me or other English people to use, which I know is not the case but I feel that shop owners should respect their English-speaking customers too and have the decency to at least put both languages. Practices like this cause segregation and an unpleasant awkwardness for English customers.

Come on store owners – you are closing yourself off to potential customers and I’m sure most people would feel that same way I do – offended.

Name and address supplied