Letters: Name supplied, May 31, 2016

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The other day I was at my local park, Downham memorial playing field.

Not only was there rubbish everywhere – my young child, kept handing me bits of rubbish, broken bottles, etc –but the wooden fence around the park has big gaps in it. Dogs are running through the gap. It is a matter of time before a child is badly injured or worse. We heard in the media recently about a dog that ran out of control, biting children in a park.

The fence has been fixed in past, only to be vandalised again. I appreciate this must be frustrating for the council, but surely they need to replace the fence with a stronger material, such as metal? Surely this is cheaper than constantly repairing the fence.

Secondly, the mesh wire that surrounds part of the park has big gaps in it. My child escaped through it the other day, catching his forehead on the ragged bits of wire and cutting his head. Can this fence be fixed, too? I am fed up with constantly contacting the “people in charge” who completely ignore my concerns, hence my email to the local paper.

As higher rate council tax payers, where is our money going? It certainly isn’t on local parks for our children.

A frustrated mother

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