Letters: Nick Vinehill, July 19, 2016

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New Tory Prime Minister Theresa May has got no more idea about how to deal with UK’s economic problems, let alone deal with the ramifications of the Brexit vote, than any other Tory.

The reason why there has been so much hysteria over leaders and personalities since David Cameron lazily quit was to divert attention away from their fundamentally failed economic neoliberal policies but just as essentially to exploit the problems in Labour in the hope it might get Jeremy Corbyn ousted as Labour leader.

Any Tory leadership contest at this moment of time was never going to be a long drawn out democratic process because it would have swiftly revealed how there was no real policy or ideological differences between any of the candidates which is why six of them were rapidly whittled down like skittles to one in a few days just in case that fact became too evident.

Nick Vinehill, Snettisham