Letters: Robert Raab, August 2, 2016

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Who was the smart one in the Government who decided to send us information about devolution after the Government already put the Devolution Survey on the internet? Many people already answered the survey on what they thought about devolution before they received the information.

The information we received said the counties will get £25million a year for the next 30 years. How much would £25million, 30 years ago, actually be worth today in real terms? How much will £25million be worth in real terms 30 years from now? Just look at the prices of houses 30 years ago and look at the same prices for houses today. I bet you that most people don’t want devolution.

Then we will hear from the Government most people do want devolution. The Government will vote for devolution no matter what the people say.

What will be in it for us who live in West Norfolk ? Will we get a say in devolution matters?

The Government information doesn’t answer the question: “Why do we have to combine counties to get the money?”

Why can’t Norfolk’s share of the money go straight to the county of Norfolk, without the county of Norfolk joining other counties?

Why do we need a mayor when we already have a county council leader and a county council? Does the Government think that the county council leaders and county councils aren’t doing their jobs right and should be fired?

Robert Raab, Fairstead Estate, Lynn