Letters: Robert Raab, March 8, 2016

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The council now wants to move the town’s St James Medical Practice from the current site in County Court Road to a new site in Kilhams Way area of North Lynn.

When I first heard about a plan for a new NHS facility for North Lynn I thought it would be a brand new facility that wouldn’t hurt other parts of Lynn, and would increase NHS facilities in town. We all know that the council is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, that the move is only for the thousands of new houses the council wants to be built in North Lynn and Lynnsport in the future by shifting the NHS facilities from one area of Lynn to another. So, no increase of the NHS facilities will be built in Lynn for the thousands more people who will be living there. If thousands of new houses are built it will increase air pollution in Lynn with more cars on our roads. The new road designs will only shift pollution to other roads in Lynn.

Robert Raab, Fairstead