Letters: Robert Taylor, July 7, 2015

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The groups of drinkers in the Walks is especially of concern when they are often imbibing their beer, cider and spirits only a few metres from signs that state the illegality of public drinking of alcohol.

For two days running last week there have been groups of drinkers on benches near the main entrance of the park. As the weather has improved, this group has increased. The park is a public space and there are people who find these groups of drinkers worrying. I also know that this is a deep-seated personal and community problem and cannot be solved simply by moving these people on. Has this problem been recognised and discussed by the powers that be, such as the local police and politicians? Or maybe as it appears to be a problem of fine weather and as we get rain and wind for most of the year, is it a problem best ignored?

Robert Taylor

Mount Street, Lynn