Letters; Robert White, July 7, 2015

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On Tuesday, June 15, the A17 was closed due to an unfortunate accident.

I was wondering who decided to divert traffic down Station Road North, Walpole Cross Keys. This is a road no wider than for two cars with a large ditch along one side and, according to road signs at both ends, unsuitable for HGVs. After numerous cars started driving down this road, 18-wheel articulated lorries started driving down this road. After 25 of these lorries, I lost count. With the weight of the lorries, the house being more than a 100 years old, was shaking. If whoever decided on the diversion had known the area, then they could have put the diversion less than half a mile back along the A17 towards Sutton Bridge and diverted the traffic down Sutton Road. This the main road through Walpole Cross Keys and is quite capable of carrying this type of traffic.

If the person who decided upon the diversion could reply with an answer, I would appreciate it.

Robert White

Station Road North, Walpole Cross Keys