Letters: Sally Ansovino, October 14, 2014

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I made a visit to King’s Lynn for the first time since the 1960s when I was at the County Technical College.

The college was on Hospital Walk but seems to have now disappeared and the new one that was being built is there on Tennyson Avenue.

A stroll round the town was quite a surprise – where was the Whisky a Go-Go and what happened to us student’s favourite record shop near the Majestic cinema?

Two of the streets I remember well were Broad Street, along with the cattle market and New Conduit Street? Where there had been few shops these two streets were now bustling with people using many more shops than in the 1960s.

So much has changed (probably for the better) but I wanted to see the town I left nearly 50 years ago!

Luckily you now have an excellent bookshop and as luck would have it, several pictorial books on the Lynn I remember. One in particular (King’s Lynn in Colour) featured the streets and shops in the town in the 1960s which I recall, including the record shop we all used to frequent – Bayes Records run by a young couple (Mr and Mrs Bayes?).

I bought a Lynn News paper – our favourite read at college with the page for us younger readers and including the pop charts. I like the ‘memory lane’, which was not there back in the 1960s. There seems to be many more pages than back then!

All in all it was a nostalgic trip to happier carefree days of my youth.

Professor Sally Ansovino (née Norman)

Vale Road, Windsor, Berks