Letters: Sue Bruce, July 7, 2015

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If Councillor Beales really believes that there had been a lot of support for the project to build on Lynnsport Leisure Park, why doesn’t he do what LARA have requested and hold a referendum for all residents who will be affected in Marsh Lane, The Grange, North Lynn and parts of Gaywood?

Over half a million pounds has already been paid out, so surely a few more thousands to ensure that this is what the public want their taxes spent on is a reasonable request. The council are more than happy to spend money on the Walks and the town centre. Perhaps the real reason they don’t care about Lynnsport Leisure Park is because it’s used by the residents who live here on the estates more than tourists and visitors. Perhaps that’s why they have agreed to build a busy road through North Lynn causing pollution, traffic congestion and risks to pedestrians and cyclists. Perhaps they won’t hold a referendum because they know what the result would be.

I am disappointed that Councillor Beales claims that Lynnsport Area Residents’ Association (LARA) wanted 100 per cent agreement when we took in our ideas that included a village theme rather than the urban sprawl that he plans, but this was not even considered. There are parts of the plans we would compromise on but the council want it all. We are happy with the additional sporting facilities, but these are all at the expense of losing all the green open spaces. LARA have said again and again they are not against new housing but it should be on brown field sites and there are plenty available. Four thousand new homes are planned for Lynn and surrounding areas, so why build on this park? The government has said councils should build on brown field sites, but have the council listened? No.

Councillor Beales believes that removing River Lane playing fields from the development is enough. Perhaps he can explain where people will go to ride bikes, fly kites and play ball games when the football and cricket pitches are being used? Councillor Beales makes much of the nature reserve he has given us, does he really think that the wildlife want children running through here? The whole of Lynnsport Leisure Park is a nature reserve, you can’t just push it into one corner.

This development is not supported by the public, Cllr Beales can pretend otherwise to his fellow councillors, but we know the truth and we, the public, will be the ones who will have lost something very special, not Councillor Beales or the councillors who would rather have this development in Lynn than in their own villages. The public will have to start going to alternative nature reserves and parks once Lynnsport Leisure Park is developed which will result in more traffic on roads when we have to drive to get there and after we had it on our doorsteps, but taken away from us by our borough council.

Sue Bruce