Letters: Vernon Moyse, March 24, 2015

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I will just be one of hundreds of people aghast at the unreasoned comments of Jeffrey Reed who does not even live in the town that would have been despoiled by Cory-Wheelabrator’s incinerator.

Mike Knights needs no help in defending himself against such vague attacks, but for the record, I know that Mike and Michael de Whalley and others paid a considerable price for campaigning against the incinerator, both in time and finance.

That the monster was to be built just three miles from the centre of this ancient market town and in an area of higher health care needs was bad enough.

But the record of the builders of EFW plants both in the USA and here is such that it was INEVITABLE that escapes of furans and dioxins would occur at start up and later through poor maintenance and “accidental” escapes. Jeffrey Reed can scarcely complain about being “attacked” for his views when they are so manifestly unsupported by technical argument and rely only on vitriol and assaults on the intelligence and knowledge of others. Oddly enough, the proponents of the siting of the incinerator did the real damage to their case.

Who knows what would have been the outcome if they had chosen a site as far away as 12 miles from King’s Lynn, perhaps in Downham Market! And Michael de Whalley and Joanne Rust, as candidates in the coming General election, showed more concern about incineration than the sitting MP Henry Bellingham, who was away touring 61 countries in Europe as a Foreign Office minister when the “Battle of Willows Business Park” was at its fiercest.

Vernon Moyse,

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