Letters; Vernon Moyse, October 14, 2014

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According to National Rail Enquiries, Great Northern are responsible for maintaining King’s Lynn railway station.

Last evening I needed to visit the men’s toilet and found a truly disgusting state of uncleanness and whiffiness. Although the toilet was “open”, both urinals were out of action with miles of hazard tape wound round them. The cubicle was apparently functional but in such a filthy state that I was not even inclined to enter, Both it and the toilet brush looked as if they had never been cleaned and disinfected. Since the floors were also awash, I carried that contamination away on my shoes and into my car.

I have never seen such an appalling toilet on the rail network in more than 50 years of travelling.

And I recall spotless and wonderful toilets in Singapore with envy and shame.

The station was refurbished in a 2013 “heritage” makeover prior to the Queen’s visit last year.

I can only hope the Duke’s bladder will hold out if he has to travel this way again!

Lord knows we are all becoming incidental to services provided and just an inconvenience to money-grabbing operators.

Vernon Moyse,