Letters: W Blundell, October 21, 2014

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I would like to praise the NHS health care workers for demonstrating in terrible weather for a one per cent rise. They are worth ten times that.

No doubt Mr Cameron and his cronies were laughing at the demonstrators getting soaked.

One health care worker is worth a thousand Camerons or his cronies.

Mr Cameron has a very short memory. When his son sadly died a while ago, Mr Cameron heaped praise on the NHS workers for the love and care they showed his son.

Now they are not worth an extra one per cent.

The government says it cannot afford to give them a rise, but can afford £12 billion a year in foreign aid plus hundreds of millions getting involved in conflicts and issues that have nothing to do with the UK.

Under the Tories, public sector workers are treated with contempt. Perhaps one week of strike action by the public sector workers might show the Tories how important they are.

In April next year, MPs may get a 10 per cent rise on their £67,000 salary, plus all the perks, of course.

Any Tory who accepts the rise must be named and shamed by the media.

W. Blundell

Cypress Place, Hunstanton