Letters; WJ Firmage, May 26, 2015

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A nice thank you letter by Jo Rust regarding her unfortunately unsuccessful election campaign.

I don’t know what party Richard Abbott supports, but from the tone of his letter I would imagine him to be Conservative. I’m pleased that Jo is going to carry on the fight for socialism against what will be an ever more brutal government now it is Conservative only.

I think the BBC and the right wing media have got what they wanted with their attacks on Ed Miliband and the Labour party and that does unfortunately influence people particularly when they are unsure which way to vote.

The Conservatives haven’t been in five minutes and the new business secretary Sajid Javid has said they will push ahead with new plans for strike ballots plus the Human Rights Act and trying to do away with this. As TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady has said regarding changing strike ballots, “no other mainstream political party in the world has launched such a fundamental attack on this basic human right”.

Paul Firmage

Retreat Estate, Downham