Little late to be so badly misled

So councillor Brian Long thinks he was misled about the incinerator (Lynn News, January 22). Not so. He is on record as being in favour of it.

The question is why it has taken him so long? Did he voice his dismay at the claimed change in the agenda at the time? Did he say he could not support the proposal?

No, and in the meantime he was quite good at supporting the case for incineration.

The following are taken from borough council minutes:

January 24, 2008: That Cllr Long would support an incinerator for West Norfolk as it was essential that the level of waste being put into landfill was decreased.

April 29, 2010, comment on motion from the leader of an opposition party: Cllr Long also commented that he did not feel it appropriate for a blanket ban to be imposed regarding incinerators as each application should be considered on its merits.

Cllr Long has served on the Waste Partnership since before 2006. He would have been aware that the borough council had sold the Willows site to the county council in 2008.

He would also be aware that there are e-mails from an officer of the borough council to the county council proclaiming the benefits of the site for incineration use.

According to an article in the Lynn News, Cllr Long signed a contract with Materialworks, a company with no track record and no up-and-running plant.

Like a previous correspondent, I looked at the company and have concerns.

The public needs to know, as I think we need to know, how the deputy leader of the borough council managed to allow himself to be misled.

Bill Daws

Former Conservative

borough councillor

Walter Howes Crescent,