Sack county council legal incompetents

With reference to the article NCC legal team gets it wrong over adoption (Lynn News, March 21), once again it appears we have Norfolk County Council’s NPLaw giving out the wrong advice.

How many more instances of incompetence do we need before someone is actually sacked?

NPLaw should, as the label states, know the law! However, this appears to be an institute that can give out false information without any ‘come-back’.

If these people do not know their responsibilities correctly – and aren’t they very well paid for just that reason? – they should not be in the job. Unfortunately, it seems they are quite happy to take their extortionate pay cheques and only do half the work.

Another example of ‘bad advice’ was in October last year when we had the interim executive giving councillors ‘dodgy’ advice about the council going bankrupt if they did not agree to go ahead with the King’s Lynn incinerator.

This proved to be totally false along with a further incidence of withholding vital information before a vote. The decision to go ahead with the incinerator now has to go to another meeting on April 7, wasting more tax-payers’ money and councillors’ time.

I would expect someone in such an elevated position to be telling his councillors the truth and not manufacturing myths.

If this sort of thing occurred in any other business, there would be sackings but I note the gentleman in question is still in post.

Good luck to MP Henry Bellingham in his quest to sort out the children’s services and NPLaw. It is well beyond time and both the children and adults of Norfolk deserve so much better!

Christine Hall

School Road, St Germans