Thank you - who wrote kind letter?

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It was a complete surprise to see and read in the Lynn news the tribute letter about me for my 80th birthday.

I am trying to find out via friends who might have written it. It’s a complete mystery and I must say it brightened up my day.

Beoing one of a large happy family, our parents brouyght us up that way always to help each other. One of mother’s saying was ‘civility costs you nothing’.

I have been lucky to know so many people, especially through the church and organisations I belong to, and also to live in Leziate where I was born and to ride my moped when buses are not available time-wise.

I do have a lot of help travelling about from family and friends, especially on a Sunday, and with a free bus pass. It’s good to go out and about as there are a lot of friendly people to meet and chat with on any journey.

Thank you, whoever wrote the letter - it would be nice to know.

Wendy Twite