Why we all believe Sunny Hunny is going the right way

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IN the 16 days since the very positive “Let’s talk Shop” meeting in Hunstanton the pace has been frantic.

Borough councillors and officers have worked with town councillors, businesses and the Civic Society drafting an application for “Portas Town Team” support and all are pledging their commitment to one another.

Ideas are coming in thick and fast to do still more to make the town centre even more attractive to residents and visitors alike.

Kate Dunbar’s dream of a community orchard is now achieved working with Cllr Liz Watson’s “In Bloom” team, volunteers and the council’s grounds staff.

William Searle, Dick Melton, John Maiden and John Driver have been working with the Environment Agency providing their years of knowledge of sand movements to the flood defence project advisers.

Worries about car parking at the Seagate Road grass car park have been sorted out with better management once it is marked out, giving many more spaces than before.

Ideas are advanced to improve the Spinney in Westgate for community use.

Traffic flow and footfall is better in the centre now that parking time limits are being kept to and more users can park for up to 45 minutes.

On business news, Chives has just completed a total re-fit and it looks great, Michael Hopkinson has re-fitted and renamed the Seagull restaurant in Le Strange Terrace, and it looks very fresh and airy.

The ex-Hide and Seek shop on the High Street/Greevegate corner is to open by Easter and there is talk of the Tartz shop reopening very soon.

There soon won’t be any spare shops to be had.


Hunstanton Chamber

of Trade