ANGLING by Darren Read: Weather havoc

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The last seven days angling has been really affected by the weather, as a continuous deluge of rain has caused a constant heavy flow on all the rivers.

Ten Mile, Middle Level and the Little Ouse have all been flowing hard and the few anglers who did manage to get on the banks, have all stated that the flows are just to strong to present a bait properly,

Sunday mid-morning was the best chance to get on the banks after the driving winds on Saturday, but the flow had increased further, Even the old-fashioned whopa dropper feeders could not hold bottom on TMB.

Early on in the week catches of skimmers, perch and the odd roach had been recorded from the normal winter area from Modney Bridge to the Chapel,

On the Middle Level, only the hardened predator anglers were seen on the banks, with only small jacks reported. Increased flows were giving concern to the predator anglers as lures and baits were difficult to present in the conditions. It was the same story on the Little Ouse.

Only Shepherds Port provided some sport, with the silvers showing well during the first part of the week. Roach, rudd and small skimmers to 8oz where showing on the whip and pole, while waggler at three rod lengths out found the better stamp fish from pegs seven to eleven. Nets to 14lb have been recorded.

Match date: KLAA will be hosting an Open Christmas match on Ten Mile Bank on Sunday, December 16. The match will take place between Modney Bridge-Chapel; draw will be at 8.30 on the EA car park at Denver Sluice; match time 10am to 3pm. Cost is £10 all in and to book a place contact Darrell Watkin on 07801 028 085.