Exley stars with fifty for Swaffham

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Under 14

Winning the toss and electing to bowl, it was a tough start for Downham, writes Will Pocock.

The Swaffham openers kicked off well until one was dismissed by Toby Pocock in the seventh over.

Continuing their early form, Swaffham picked up the rate until their stand-in opener was dismissed by captain Ryan Shinn. In came Harry Exley, who began brightly with several boundaries early on.

The number three built a strong partnership with Exley until Exley retired with 51 not out. The Swaffham innings slowed and they finished on 145-2.

Downham’s openers got off to a slow start until Aiden Wallace was bowled for 0. Downham’s number three arrived in the early overs, with Swaffham keeping a tight hold on the batsmen.

After a few overs they hit some boundaries.

In the 10th over the number three was bowled for 26, opener Morris still in. Number four McManus began with an early boundary, however Morris’s wicket was taken in the next over.

In the final over Fouracre was out for 5. Downham finished off the game with Shinn not out and McManus run out for 19, ending short of the target.