Predators on Middle Level

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last week has been very patchy for the river anglers: one day the river has been producing, the next day the rivers switch off.

Fish have shown on both Ten Mile and the Middle Level.

Middle Level, St Germans-Magdalen High Road: Slowed up a little compared to the previous weeks but the small fish are still showing.

Skimmers and roach have still been showing on the pole lines, the tip has also been producing but catch rates have slowed slightly. Smaller baits have been more effective.

Neepes-Pingles: A few more anglers gathering at this end than at the other end; roach, skimmers and perch have shown with nets to 27lb reported in midweek catches.

Crooked Chimney has been showing skimmers to nearly 2lb on the tip. Pingles has reported nets of roach and small skimmers for nets to 20lb. Both pole and tip find the fish feeding.

Predator anglers have started to ascend on the level. A catch of eight zander between 3-9lb has been recorded whilst using dead baits.

Another catch of six pike all caught on lures has also been received from around the bridges.

Ten Mile Bank: Roach and skimmers have been showing around the chapel-Modney Bridge stretch. A catch of 30lb has been reported from the Piggeries stretch, roach and skimmers are all showing on the waggler.

Browns Farm-Railway Bridge has also been showing small pockets of roach and skimmers with the odd decent perch. Jacks to 6lb also show when retrieving small silvers on both the pole and tip. Strikes are becoming very frequent on catches reported.

Tottenhill: Catches are still showing well despite fewer anglers on the bank. Carp to 13lb recorded on carp style tactics, method feeder also produces carp to 10lb.

Bream continue to show on the pole and tip. Sweetcorn, pellet and bunches of maggot on the hook have all worked to draw the bream into feeding.

Springside: Silvers are showing well on the pole, whip and waggler. The odd carp and tench still show on the method feeder.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Multiple catches are still on this popular lake, carp to 9lb showing on either the method feeder or using a straight bomb and feeding directly over the top. Pellet and corn have been the preferred baits.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream have been feeding well throughout the week; pellet and maggot work well.

Carp to 14lb have been showing on carp style tactics. Roach, rudd and chub are showing well in the margins when fishing either the whip waggler or pole top 4s.

Pinkie, maggot bread and hemp all score well when used as a hook bait.

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