Second time of trying on Sunday

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It will be a case of second time lucky for the Unlimited Banger Icebreaker, which takes place at the Norfolk Arena on Sunday (midday).

This meeting was originally scheduled to take place at the start of February but was postponed due to the heavy snow.

Once again a strong title for the main Icebreaker title will come from local teams.

Davey Cox (Swaffham), who won the small 1500cc Icebreaker title with a dominating performance is likely to be challenging for top honours with a very competitive Team 22.

Strong performances are also expected from the Predators, who will field two teams which will include Ady Groome and Luke Allen (Lynn).

As well as the Unlimited Bangers, the all banger outing is complemented by the Micro Bangers.

Among the entries here are: Shaun Haller, Rodney Thurgill, Alex Smith, Steven Pope, Ashlum Woods (Fakenham), Martin Broomfield (Hunstanton), Jamie Childerhouse, Jason Farthing, Wesley Freestone and Ashley Wakinson (Lynn).