Sport - Martial Arts: Lynn students out to achieve more success

UGC picture for Lynn News Sport

UGC picture for Lynn News Sport

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Students from the Lynn-based Kuk Sool Won School are determined to carry on a successful November at the UK Championships.

Forty-five of the school’s students will travel to Liverpool to compete in the event.

Ten of them are also due to be promoted to 1st dahn black belt and three of the school’s instructors promote to 3rd dahn.

The school recently held a promotion ceremony to recognise and promote 52 junior students who took part in a grading. Watched by their friends and family the following students were presented with their next grade by instructors.

Yellow Stripe: Joseph Russell.

Yellow Belt: Jackson Snow, Mitchell Stokes, Theo Hancock, Grace Carter, Alfie Mortimer.

Blue Stripe: Molly Seaton, Coran Ford, Joseph Barnes, Toby Melia, Rosie Green, Max and Billy Sturgeon.

Blue Belt: Benjamin Vincent, Keely and Millie Bowyer, Calin Roser, Riley Sloan.

Red Stripe: Michael and Charli Gibbs, Ethan Croker, Maisie Hancock, Callum Mallick, Vaqaar Azad, Harry Weeks, Luke Faivelowitz, Rosie Gillett, Richie McInnes-Piper.

Red Belt: Thomas Grimmer, Ben Gotsell, Isabelle Weeks, Rueben Mathungjwa, Indiana Kirkpatrick, Jacob Clark.

Brown Stripe: Miguel Parcon, Jozef Avanzado, Tyler Cass.

Brown Belt: Harvey Long, Allen Legarte, Joshua Coleman

Black Stripe: Benjamin Page, Jacob Gyton, Peter & Yana Rachkova

Dahn Bo Nim: Freddie Reed, Charlie Long, Oliver Leman, Daniel Taylor, Jack Ward, Joshua Chapman, Freya Catton, Annabelle Colclough.