Have you any spooky film ideas? Last call for entries to West Norfolk filmmaker competition

Bloody Cuts filming the next instalment of their horror films - 'Suckablood' at Middleton Towers
Holly Jacobson 9 

Bloody Cuts filming the next instalment of their horror films - 'Suckablood' at Middleton Towers Holly Jacobson 9 www.lynnnews.co.uk/buyaphoto

The Bloody Cuts filmmaking team have issued a fresh call for budding directors to submit entries to their international challenge to create a spooky short film to win up to £9,000 of prizes.

The West Norfolk company has been regularly releasing terrifying slices of fear as part of an anthology of 13 short horror films that become popular with horror-lovers across the globe.

Now they want to give others the same opportunities they had to start filming, by giving them the chance to win amazing prizes to help get them started, and the opportunity to have their work judged by the creators of Aliens and The Terminator.

Ben Franklin, creator of Bloody Cuts, said: “People now have just a one week to get their entries in. We’ve only had a small amount submitted so far, but there’s tons of people working on them. So we’re expecting between 50-100 films at least!”

The team are looking for horror lovers to bring three minutes of terror to their audiences, using the theme of “Who’s There?” on a maximum budget of just £1,000.

They shot their own three-minute film, called Dare, at Stradsett Hall to launch the competition and the short can be viewed on the company website.

Mr Franklin said: “You can interpret “Who’s There?” however you see fit – use your imaginations and surprise us.

“We also want you to aim for scares so you should make these films as terrifying as possible.”

Films can be about ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, evil clowns, mad monks, insane cultists, sound footage, horror-comedies or even a documentary.

World-famous producers, directors, award-winning special effects experts, writers and cinematographers will be among those deciding who has made the final cut.

All entries must be uploaded to YouTube by December 30 and entered through the website, go to www.bchorrorchallenge.com

The initial submissions will be viewed by the team at Bloody Cuts and six finalists will be chosen, with these entries to be revealed on January 26.

The second Judgement Day will see the six shorts judged by a panel of industry experts which will include writer Patrick Melton, who has penned four of the Saw films, and world-famous producer and co-writer of The Terminator, Gale Anne Hurd, who also produced Aliens and The Walking Dead.

Award-winning special effects maestro and director of Millennium FX, Neill Gorton, who has worked on Children of Men, Saving Private Ryan and Doctor Who, will also be among those who will see the final footage.

The winners will be announced on February 23, with prizes including an array of specialist filming equipment, cash, a prosthetics make-up kit, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, places on a film-making course, a subscription to Scream magazine and much more.

The winning film will also be featured on FilmSchoolRejects.com and will be promoted through the Bloody Cuts website and social media channels.

There will also be hundreds of pounds of equipment up for grabs for the entries that take second and third places.




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