NORTH WOOTTON: Bricklayer with a unusual take on modern art - SEE PICS

Creative art from the mind of Tom Sharp - Tom with his 'Invasion of Privacy'.

Creative art from the mind of Tom Sharp - Tom with his 'Invasion of Privacy'.

A bricklayer from North Wootton has found an inventive way of using his skills to create some very unusual art pieces in his retirement.

Tom Sharp, 64, is already well-known in the area for his creation of the Brick Bus displayed in the grounds of Lynnsport, but his pieces range from tiger-striped crocodiles to chewed plastic milk bottles.

He said: “All of my qualifications and training have been as a bricklayer, but I have taken these skills and applied them in an innovative way to produce works of art.

“I started by simply injecting art work into brick walls to produce patterns and friezes but have gone on to produce works that use common materials like lead, wood, concrete and plaster, but putting them to a new use.

“More recently, I have been using recycled materials to create art, which I find more satisfying.”

Taking part in a number of exhibitions through West Norfolk Artists Association, Mr Sharp last year won the coveted Syd Davison award for his entry, Goathanger.

He said: “With my somewhat unusual sculptures, I find that the title is often as important as the work itself. For instance, a giant ant made from household appliances was called Appli-ant, while a dinosaur made of saws was called Dino-saw. In fact, more often than not I think of the title first.”

He added: “I am planning a solo exhibition in the summer at Lynn’s Arts Centre. It will be called Out There but In Here and will feature some of my old favourites, plus some new and unseen work.”

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