KING’S LYNN: Film company needs help to horrify

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Lynn’s resident horror filmmakers are hopeful they will reach the dizzying heights of Hollywood stardom with a little support from the community on their upcoming projects.

The Bloody Cuts team celebrated the New Year with their latest release, the seventh film in their series of short horror stories, Death Scenes, directed by Joel Morgan, is described by the team as “a tight, twisting crime story shot through with Bloody Cut’s brand of blood, suspense and shocks.”

Company creator Ben Franklin said: “Born from a love of both crime and horror cinema, Death Scenes features Robin Berry in the role of silent, enigmatic suspect, John, and Ayden Callaghan as D.I. Collins, a detective with his own secrets.”

The award-winning company has previously received support from actor Stephen Fry, and accolades from the writers of US horror film magazine Fangoria who said: “We have no doubt we are seeing a piece of the future of English horror being built in these films”, but the team are now looking for help a little closer to home.

Mr Franklin said: “We’re looking for support from anyone that has ever enjoyed one of our films, and who might want to see us make more. We’re offering some fantastic rewards for anyone that might want to help out and any small pledges of monetary support would go a very long way. If you’ve ever been interested in filmmaking, here’s your chance to be involved.

“Things are going really well for us, we hope to shoot a feature film in 2013 and are in early talks for that - we have even had Hollywood on the phone! We’re really excited as to what the New Year will bring.”

The team has been hard at work planning and fundraising for their next film, Don’t Move, which is due to be filmed at the start of next month.

Mr Franklin said: “We plan to shoot this film on February 2 and 3, but have yet to find a location for this. We are looking for a normal home set up with tall ceilings to accommodate the actor who is playing the starring role.

“We will pay a fee towards the location and will need it for approximately twelve hours each day. The house itself needs to have a decent-sized living room and kitchen, and a downstairs toilet.

“We hope that due to the nature of filming being quite exciting, that we might find a willing local who would want to accommodate a professional film crew for the weekend.

“This is going to go far beyond what we’ve done before, with some crazily brilliant special effects from the guys at Millenium FX.”

The team have been fundraising to support their ongoing work and were hoping to raise around £2,500 to pay for camera equipment, insurance, props, costumes and vehicle hire to be spent on making their next film.

More than a week before their fundraising deadline, the team have seen a fantastic response to their plea for donations, reaching a total of £2,680.

Mr Franklin said: “To have reached and surpassed our target so quickly is incredible, and totally unexpected. What this has proven is that we have many loyal viewers who genuinely want to support and see even more films from us. We make the films for our audience, and this is the ultimate reward.

“Now we have the task of making this ambitious film come to life in a way that pushes new ground for us, and justifies the money pledged to us in the campaign. But we will, because we have a fantastic script, the same great team, an inspirational director, and some outrageous practical special effects that will shock and awe in equal measure.

“Don’t Move is now officially green-lit, and that’s thanks to all of you guys, you’ve made this film happen, not us.”

Go to to watch the latest film, or search Ben Franklin on to donate.