Best time of year baa none on Snettisham Park farm - SEE VIDEO

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Snettisham Park have plenty to keep ewe entertained this spring as March Madness kicked off with the birth of the first lamb out of around 500 that are expected over the coming weeks.

Little Jemima was the first lamb of the season, and new Snettisham Park owners Trevor and Colleen Walters were thrilled to see her arrive happy and healthy on Tuesday night.

Lambs at Snettisham Park.

Lambs at Snettisham Park.

Trevor said: “Lambing season started yesterday and we’ve got around 250 ewes ready to lamb. We’re expecting around 500 lambs to arrive, with around 20-30 ewes giving birth daily.

“Jemima was the first, but there will be lots of other single, twin and triplet births as well. The ewes can’t keep three lambs so we’ll have lots of orphan lambs for you to come and help feed.”

The team have lots of staff and volunteers already eager to help with the lambing, but they are always in need of more, as well as a steady stream of visitors to help with regular feeds.

Trevor said: “We’ve got a lot of veterinary and agriculture students who are helping out to take their studies further, but we’re always in need of more hands.”

Lambs at Snettisham Park.

Lambs at Snettisham Park.

The new owners are looking forward to all the new arrivals over the next few weeks, particularly after the safe return of their herd of deer following an escape during the gales two weeks ago.

Trevor said: “A tree was blown through the fence by the strong winds and the entire herd escaped.

“They walked about two-and-a-half miles before we could find them and we’re exceedingly lucky they were all returned safe and sound. We were a bit nervous.”

There’s not just lambs to meet at the Park, there is also egg collecting, guinea-pig cuddling, deer safaris and much more to keep families entertained.

Trevor said: “We really would love for people to come out and see what we do.

“We are a fully functioning agricultural farm with lots to do. It’s just a lovely countryside place to visit.”

Snettisham Park’s March Madness is also offering families a family ticket for two children and two adults entry to the lambing, plus for the rest of the year, for £25.

n Visit to see a video of the lambs.