REVIEW: Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter - The Apex ANL-161003-141249001
Nathan Carter - The Apex ANL-161003-141249001
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Nathan Carter and Niamh McGlinchey at Hunstanton’s Princess Theatre

There was a full house at the Princess Theatre last Friday for Nathan Carter and it was easy to see why he has so many fans of all ages. No surprise, therefore, that Nathan and his band of highly accomplished musicians were playing to thousands in Trafalgar Square on Sunday afternoon for the start of a St Patrick’s Day parade, before heading to Birmingham on the tour bus for another evening performance.

Show bands have been popular in Ireland for decades but, at just 25-years of age, Nathan’s youthful exuberance, together with an ability to sing anything from folksy ballads to rock and roll, makes him really special. His version of “Good time girls won’t you come out tonight” and “Rolling on the river” were just two of many songs to benefit from his powerful voice and accordion playing, while giving individual band members the chance to show what they could do with a wide range of musical instruments.

The show opened with supporting act Niamh McGlinchey doing much more than warming up the full house with songs such as “I’m a Believer”, “These boots are made for walking”; and “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates”. Based on the response of the audience, I firmly believe Niamh will soon be back in Hunstanton with walking boots, roller skates, and of course, her guitar…

John Maiden