Review: Massingham folkspot night

Folkspot radio Trio ANL-141111-144825001
Folkspot radio Trio ANL-141111-144825001
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On a recent Sunday night I saw three hours of live variety entertainment.

Three great bands, quality floorspots, recorded CDs and interviews; a big friendly bar and a happy end-of-weekend crowd to share it all with.

Folkspot radio Lexie Green ANL-141111-144814001

Folkspot radio Lexie Green ANL-141111-144814001

I felt very smug that as a reviewer I was getting all this for free. And then I found out everyone was!

I don’t know how Vic Cross, manager of Great Massingham Social Club, and Jane Knights of West Norfolk Radio (formerly Folkspot) can afford to mount this collaboration every Sunday night. But it’s definitely worth driving (or moving!) to Massingham for –if you’re not lucky enough to live there. Or at least tuning in.

Lexie Green and the Indigo Blue, a Marshall-amped, female-fronted country rock band from Cambridgeshire, served up a top set of self-written songs, some of which have won international awards. If Lucinda Williams’ guitar met John Paul Jones’ drum, this might be the love-child!

They had a great range. Lexie’s vocals swooped from tender to rocking and back again and her warmth and sense of fun lifted the audience.

Norfolk’s very own Trio sustained an attractive and ambitious set of classic harmony-rock. (Stealer’s Wheel, CSN &Y, Crowded House, ELO, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Tracey Chapman…) Just when you thought Phil, Mark and Dawn’s voices couldn’t get any more exciting than their ‘Eleanor Rigby’, they hit us with a hopping 5 string bass-thumping tribute to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Hotter Than July’ that had my wife and me all but bopping around the bar.

Gospel-tinged Norwich country-folk duo Joe & Mary gave us a set of alternative intimate love-songs alone worth going out for. Fortunately, like Folkspot house-performers Mike Prior and Dave Cooper, they’ll be back.

West Norfolk Radio broadcasts every Sunday from 7-10 pm on contact Jane Knights on 07780977301. For inquiries about Great Massingham Social Club’s events and bookings call on 01485 520387.